Awesome Van

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Awesome Van


(single with B-side, “Awesome Van” and “Entertainment News”)

On-again off-again rock duo Smokin' Eddie blazes through the ear canal with two song's worth of heavy-duty, full-spectrum musical chops.

Smokin' Eddie is Dan Ross, bass and lead vocals, and Mike Sammy, guitars and production.

released 2007

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The Summer of 2007 saw the flash recording of a dozen or more scratch tracks and song concepts, ranging from snotty metal covers of 70s pop standards to razor sharp rock originals. Within weeks, there were the first two singles, “Awesome Van” and “Entertainment News”.

But circumstances intervened and the project stalled later that year.

When asked about the all-too-quick dissolution of this band, a wistful Dan replied, "It just could not sustain itself". Clearly reluctant to elaborate, he recalled the project as "a valiant attempt at trying to produce something of quality that ultimately turned into a shitty joke".

The chemistry between the musical heavyweights behind Smokin' Eddie is undeniable. Eager listeners can rest assured that when time and circumstances are right, this partnership will bloom again.



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